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  • U.s. Laser generator;
    Advanced and integral humanized design;
    Free exchanging of two platforms (roll and plane);
    Precise layered cutting;
    Unmanned operation, material auto feeding and receiving;
    20,000h maintenance-free.

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  • download poker online android,This type of equipment is specialized in industries manufacturing embroidery patch, woven label, leather label, and furry toy.

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MODEL S30 S60 S80 S30I S60I
Laser power ≤30W ≤60W ≤80W ≤30W ≤60W
Cooling method Water cooling or air cooling
Cutting area 850mmx600mm
Net weight Net weight:280 kg Net weight:290 kg
Max work piece size 920mmx620mm
Power supply 220V/50-60HZ,10AMax
Repeat precision ±0.03mm
Electricity demand 220V/ 10A
Power (excluding exhauster and compressor) 1.5KW
Mainframe system size 2000mm(L) x 1550mm(W) x 1300mm(H)
Environmental requirements temperature 1 0℃-30 ℃ humidity 30%-80%(no condensation)
Remark: S30 without auto-feeding device.
Embroidery Label
Woven Label
Printed Label
Transfer Printing Label

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The visual software has several recognition modes such as feature points positioning cutting, automatic outline cutting and marker positioning. It's available to recognize and cut all kinds of labels and patterns.,play free poker with friends online

Positioning cutting for the characteristic : it’s applicable for cutting all kinds of small and medium labels; any characteristic area of the target label can be sampled by computer for modeling, precise recognition and cutting can be achieved regardless of the restriction of design complexity or influence of laying angle and front & back of the label. It is more flexible and accurate than the traditional template cutting.,cheap online poker

Multi-point positioning cutting: it’s applicable for cutting of the labels with different sizes and arrangements with the same layout. The effect is not affected by the size and shape, and the arrangement order of the label is not restricted. The cutting of the design in the whole layout can be done as long as the marker points on both ends are targeted.,mississippi stud poker online

four card poker free online,Intelligent recognition and cutting: the international advanced real-time outline extraction technique is used to compensate the deficiency of edge cutting effectively, it can recognize all kinds of front & back labels and the labels that have been rotated by any angle. The design outline extracted can be expanded or zoomed without the necessity of remodeling, thus reducing the operation process and improves the work efficiency significantly. All deformed labels can be corrected and cut. It is particularly suitable for the labels with clear outline and small size.

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  • Gradually positioning and cutting Features: high precision;
    Recognition followed by cutting: recognition of the whole layout and batch cutting;
    Features: high efficiency and fast speed