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Compared with the traditional cutting process, new slots no deposit laser cutting machine, A leading intelligent cutting technology can bring high efficient production to the shoe-making enterprises. For fly knitted uppers, we have different laser machine can bring you technical updates according your process requirement. Please see the introduction as below.
Camera identify cutting
new slots no deposit laser cutting machine with camera could identify different design upper, there is no limit to the design of the knitted upper including the similar color series, outlined series. The camera scan the fabric in high speed and then laser head cut the upper with perfect edge.
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Similar color vamp identify cutting
The best character of our identify system can recognize fabrics with very similar colors feature.
So we have no limited of the shoes upper design.
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Projector preview cutting
Suitable for secondary processing, Instant preview of nesting effects or cutting effects - convenient, fast
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Working table
-Auto feeding table
-Push-pull interactive table

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