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Doom - Dota 2 Wiki

Lucifer, the Doom, is a melee strength hero with strong farming capabilities, good versatility, and one of the strongest single-target disables in the game.

Nyx Assassin - Dota 2 Wiki

Nyx Assassin, is a melee agility hero who is feared as one of the most effective gankers and solo-killers in the game.

How to Optimize Dota 2 and PC for Best Gaming Experience

A detailed guide that explains in detail about how to Optimize Dota 2 and PC for best gaming experience.

Hero (unit type) - Dota 2 Wiki

Heroes are the essential main characters of Dota 2, controlled by the players.

Batrider - Dota 2 Wiki

He is a mobile raider capable of dealing enormous amounts of damage, though he must close in on targets to pull it off.

Dota 2 - Rekindling Soul - dota2.com

Shadow Fiend earns a frightful new look in Dota 2, ready as ever to let you turn the souls of the fallen against your enemies.

Dota 2 - Reborn - dota2.com

Read on for installation instructions and to learn about a number of new technologies that we're using to improve Dota 2.


Easy Guide how to see the Ping in Dota 2 ++ How to improve the Ping?

Alchemist - Dota 2 Wiki

His low but balanced attributes and the sure promise of gold for items means he can be one of the most disparately built heroes

Steam Community :: Guide :: How to Optimize PC and Dota 2 for ...

I will explain in detail about the steps through which you can optimize PC and Dota 2 for smooth gaming experience.